Santebal – The Secret Police of Democratic Kampuchea

The Santebal (Khmer: សន្តិបាល) which literally means “Keeper of the peace” was the secret police of the Communist Party of Kampuchea during the time of Democratic Kampuchea. Its name is an amalgam of two words: sântĕsŏkh (សន្ដិសុខ) meaning “security” and nôkôrôbal (នគរ បាល) meaning “police”. Technically it was in charge […]

Food inspired by the Khmer Rouge

When famine, or food insecurity hot a country people go to desperate measures. This evidences itself by people not only eating things they would not usually eat, but also innovating with cuisine. Famine and indeed control over the food supply was a key element of the Democratic Kampuchea state under […]