Political Parties in Cambodia in 2024

Cambodia is currently a constitutional monarchy under either a dominant party system, or a one party system, depending on your take on things. The only party currently in parliament is the Cambodian Peoples Party, although opposition parties exist at lower levels of government and have been represented in parliament before. […]

Food inspired by the Khmer Rouge

When famine, or food insecurity hot a country people go to desperate measures. This evidences itself by people not only eating things they would not usually eat, but also innovating with cuisine. Famine and indeed control over the food supply was a key element of the Democratic Kampuchea state under […]

Khmer National Solidarity Party

The Khmer National Solidarity Party was an extremely short lived political party that can be viewed in some ways as a successful party to the various incarnations of the Khmer Rouge. It was founded by former head of state of Democratic Kampuchea and leader of the Khmer Rouge Khiu Samphan. […]

Is there still Communist Party in Cambodia?

Is there still a communist party in Cambodia? The short answer is that there no there is not, but the ruling Cambodian Peoples Party do trace their lineage from the former ruling Kampuchean Peoples Revolutionary Party (KPRP). Is the Cambodian Peoples Party communist? The Cambodian Peoples Party (CPP) trace their […]