Sport in Democratic Kampuchea

Democratic Kampuchea was the state that existed in Cambodia from 1975-79, but it was also the recognized “state” until as late as 1992. Was there through sport in Democratic Kampuchea.

Sport in Democratic Kampuchea 1975-79

When the Khmer Rouge came to power they took on many normal aspects of a state, they had a constitution, a parliament, as well as diplomatic relations with other states.

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Alas though this was no normal state with people almost immediately evacuated to the countryside as part of the Super Great Leap Forward, with many dying as part of the Killing Fields.

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Therefore and unlike other socialist states sport was not a priority for the regime of Pol Pot. 

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Football in Democratic Kampuchea 

Ironically football in Cambodia arguably reached its zenith under the rule of Lon Nol and the Khmer Republic in 1972. This ceased when the Khmer Rouge took power and we know that many players died during this period.

Football was resumed under the government of the Peoples Republic of Kampuchea, from where it followed a Soviet model.

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During this period the internationally recognized “state” who held the United Nations seat were the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea, who controlled a large part of Cambodia. There is no evidence of the Khmer Rouge ever fielding a football team in this period.

Democratic Kampuchea at the Olympics

Cambodia entered the Olympic games from 1958-72, before stopping until 1998, therefore not competing under the name Democratic Kampuchea.

More famously Cambodia hosted the 1965 GANEFO games,  dubbed the Olympics of the left.

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