About Us

KhmerRouge,com is a collaborative project between a number of journalists, writers, activists and travel professionals with an interest in exploring the history of the Khmer Rouge and democratic Kampuchea.

Some of us live here currently, some have lived here, while other still have simply passed through. All of us though, local and barang have studied the subjects in great detail, as well as spent time with an interviewed relevant people and organizations.

Why have we made this website? In essence for a number of reasons, bur principal among them is to tell the truth. It is very easy to say that the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot wanted to put everyone in the countryside, get rid of technology and killed indiscriminately, but is this really the case?

In fact the answers to these questions are much more nuanced, which in actuality makes them much more scary. It is our opinion that simply throwing labels around like “evil” misses far too much of the point and it is only through true understanding of history that we can avoid such tragedies in the future.

Our project is politically neutral, with not only our writers coming from different political backgrounds, but also us not being paid to promote any narrative. Also and despite us being in part located in Cambodia, we do not arrange our editorial along Cambodian government lines.

Working on a project like this though is indeed hard going and we do accept donations through our site and Patreon channels. For more information, suggestions or to write for us please go to our contact page.