Khmer National Solidarity Party

Khmer National Solidarity Pa

The Khmer National Solidarity Party was an extremely short lived political party that can be viewed in some ways as a successful party to the various incarnations of the Khmer Rouge.

It was founded by former head of state of Democratic Kampuchea and leader of the Khmer Rouge Khiu Samphan.

Background to the Khmer Solidarity Party

Following the fall of Democratic Kampuchea in 1979 the party known as the Communist Party of Kampucheabut changed tact in the mid 80’s into espousing “democratic socialism”.

The party was duly renamed the Party of Democratic Kampuchea. With Khie Samphan as the leader from 1985-1993 and the pace talks that were taking place in the country.

Khmer National Solidarity Party

In 1993 said party changed names again becoming the Cambodian National United Party. Initially it was expected to do well, particularly as the Khmer Rouge still controlled large swaths of the country. In fact Khei Samphan, who was seen as the Midler face of the Khmer Rouge was even touted as being part of any future governing coalition.

This was not to be though with the Khmer Rouge not only going back to fight, but even forming their own rump state.

Khmer National Solidarity Party

As the rebelling slowly started to crumble many Khmer Rouge leaders began to seek a way out. In 1997 both Nuon Chea and Khiu Samphan both defected to the government and formed their own parties.

In exchange they were promised a a pardon, as well as role in politics. To his end Samphan formed the Khmer National Solidarity Party. His called ideology was democratic socialism, with the party initially planning to stand with the royalist forces of FUNCINPEC.

His real feelings though can be gained from the following comment “”If the elections do not go ahead under the iron rule of Vietnamese communists and their puppet, we should be very happy and want to take part because we are democratic, pluralistic and free government.”

The party was disbanded just one year after following the consolation of power by the Cambodian Peoples Party, with the career of Khieu Samphan also over.