Who were the Cambodian Freedom Fighters 1999 – 2001

The Cambodian Freedom Fighters were and to an extent still are an overseas sponsored terrorist organization trying to overthrow the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Most of their funding has come either from Khmer-Americans, or so called pro-democracy anti-Communist American citizens and groups. It was formed in 1999 in […]

Last leader of the Khmer Rouge – Ta Mok

Ta Mok was a senior political and military figure within the Khmer Rouge, Democratic Kampuchea and various other rebel groups within Cambodia. He is also notable as being the last leader of the Khmer Rouge. A Khmer Rouge member throughout his life he was the last member to be captured […]

Was the Khmer Rouge Maoist?

Was the Khmer Rouge Maoist is a question that has been asked by many scholars. Alas the answer is somewhat complex, as while the Pol Pot and the Communist Party of Kampuchea were not doubt influenced and financed by the Peoples Republic of China, their specific ideology can be seen […]

The Khmer Rouge and North Korea

The Khmer Rouge and North Korea had a relationship that was extremely complex. Technically they were ideologically aligned, but as opposed to China friendships and personal relations took precedence over geopolitical issues. With that being said though the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) remained an ally of the Khmer […]

Who were the Khmer Rouge Supporters?

Almost all left-wing ideologies from Stalinism to Trotskyism and even Hoxhaism have had strong international supporters, but who and exactly where and are the Khmer Rouge supporters both in the past and present? The overarching answer to this is that through the years many countries, groups parties and individuals supported […]

Dark Tourism in Cambodia Receives Boost

Dark Tourism in Cambodia, particularly around Anlong Veng, thanks to the NGO the Cambodian Documentation Centre. According to CAM-DC this will include the renovation of the grave of Pol Pot, as well as numerous other sites, some of which have already been achieved. On our most recent dark tourism visit […]

The Khmer Rouge and the Soviet Union

If you have ever seethe movie The Killing Fields, you will know that the Khmer Rouge kicked the USSR out of what would become Democratic Kampuchea. Why though did this happen if they were both communist and what exactly was the relationship between the Khmer Rouge and the Soviet Union? […]