What happened to the Pol Pot Family?

What happened to the Pol Pot Family

Famous for the numerous photos where he looks like a doting father, as well as the fact that many of his family did not even know he was leader until near the very end, what exactly happened to the family of Pol Pot and where are they now?

Pol Pots first wife

Pol Pot’s first wife, Khieu Ponnary, was highly educated and a very active member of the Khmer Rouge in its early days, as well as being seen as the “mother of the revolution”. She developed mental illness and was divorced by Pol Pot in 1979.

She lived with her sister, Khieu Thirith, and brother-in-law, Ieng Sary in Pailin, Cambodia before her death in 2003 at the age of 83, outliving her husband..

Pol Pot’s second wife

Mea Son married in 1985 and they had a daughter in 1986. After finding Pol Pot she eventually defected to the government. She later moved to Phnom Malai, a former KR stronghold. She came here with not just her daughter, but also Tep Khunnal a senior Pol Pot advisor. Her and her husband now own a successful farming company, as well as having children of their own.

Pol Pots daughter

Pol Pot only ever had one child namely Mea Sith, not to confused with Star Wars Sith. She lived under several pseudonyms in Malai with her mother and Tep Khunnal and started high school in 2001. Here she embraced here history and was renamed Sar Patchata – her fathers real name being Saloth Sar. After high school, she went to Malaysia to pursue a master’s degree in English Literature. Here she met fellow Cambodian Sy Vicheka with whom she married and was treated to lavish ceremony. She still lives there with her mother and step-father and reportedly leads a wealthy life. It is believed that she has at least two children.

And his extended family?

By all accounts his extended family were not only not at all looked after, but many died during the Killing Fields, Some have been seen ind documentaries, but unlike his wife and children have not been rewarded financially for their ties to the brutal dictator.