Cambodian defense minister backs Hun Sen’s son for PM

Cambodian Defense Minister Tea Banh has publicly backed the eldest son of Prime Minister Hun Sen to be the next Prime-Minister of Cambodia directly following comments from exiled apportion leader Sam Rainsy.

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The statement came after disgraced Rainsy, the leader-in-exile of the outlawed Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which has since been relaunched in all but name as the Candlelight Party not only criticized a potential dynastic transition, but also stated he “supported”  Gen. Banh’s son, Tea Seiha, currently governor of Siem Reap as a potential future PM.

In response Tea Banh stated in a press release ““I strongly oppose the Facebook page of Sam Rainsy dated March 10, which contained provocative content. My family and I remain fully supportive of Lieutenant General Hun Manet as the future prime minister. Rainsy’s comments are an attempt to split the CPP. We must prevent society from falling into instability, insecurity, national division and war again,”

His comments touch on the fact that brutal civil war in Cambodia were only put out by the win-win policy of the CPP and that the last time there was political unrest, namely between the CPP and FUNCINPEC the country was again nearly plunged into war.

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Does Tea Seiha want to be Prime-Minister

Tea has publicly dispatched himself from the comments of Rainsy stating ““From a young age until now, my father has always told me that in Cambodia, only Prime Minister Hun Sen can lead the country well. My father also educated all of us in the ‘Tea’ family that no matter what the circumstances, we must remain loyal to Prime Minister Hun Sen.”

Both also added that it was clearly a plot by Rainsy to sow discord into the ranks of the CPP, who have ruled Cambodia under different guises since the liberation of the country from the Khmer Rouge in 1979.

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Cambodia is scheduled to have a general election in July of 2023, the first since the CPP won every seat in 2018. Despite western claims otherwise the elections are set to be one of the most competitive in recent memory, with international observers monitoring the election. The Rainsyesque Candlelight Party are expected to be the main opposition.